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A New Addition to Ironman Training



Anyone that pursues an Ironman race knows that the battle is not only finishing the actual race, but surviving the training leading up to it. With 140 miles  (226 kilometers) to conquer, training is not only vital but is often more rigorous than the actual race.


Obviously, Ironman competitors require rigorous training that includes swimming, biking and running. While swimming and biking are non-impact, running takes a toll on the body with its repetitive impact, which over time can lead to performance declines or injuries.

Good news! The new Zero Runner gives Ironman athletes a valuable tool to continue running but without the impact. With its independent hip and knee joints, the Zero Runner replicates real running motion but removes the pounding. So athletes get the specific conditioning they need for the race, but not the same wear and tear on their body.

In fact, competitors can adjust long runs so that they log some miles outside and the rest on the Zero Runner. This way, they still benefit but can reduce the likelihood of overtraining and potential injuries.

Furthermore, the Zero Runner is ideal for active recovery for typically restless Ironman competitors. It can provide a kinder, gentler workout as needed on these days to help the body heal from repeated high-intensity sessions.

Better than a treadmill which still causes impact, the Zero Runner is a specific running motion, unlike an elliptical, so it wins in terms of training specificity. Thanks to the Zero Runner, training for an Ironman race just got better!

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