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Valuable Zero-Impact Training



As we age, it’s important to look for low-impact exercise options to avoid injury and prolong our active lifestyles. Many active-agers look to the ElliptiGo and Zero Runner as options.


With age, the stress and impact of exercise sometimes becomes harder for our bodies to tolerate, and we can be prone to injuries or simply unable to maintain the relentless pounding of activities like running, boot-camps, calisthenics, basketball and more. The good news is that low-impact activities like cycling, swimming, rowing and more offer great cross-training options.

Even better, the newest category of exercise equipment is zero-impact training, which includes new machines like the ElliptiGo and Zero Runner, along with traditional exercise practices like Pilates and yoga. Zero-impact workouts give you all the benefits of exercise without all the stress to the joints and muscles. What’s not to love?

The ElliptiGo is a machine that looks like a combination elliptical and bike, without a saddle, that is ridden standing up outside. It simulates a running motion but without the impact, thereby enabling individuals to enjoy the running movement with no discomfort. With various gears and an adjustable stride length, the ElliptiGo is suitable for any exerciser and adds fun variety to workouts.

With diehard fans, the ElliptiGo has also won acceptance among elite runners, including 2014 Boston Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi, the first American to win this famous race since 1985.

Another valuable machine is the new Zero Runner by Octane Fitness, which lets you replicate natural running motion but without any impact to the body. Its unique hip and knee joints follow the leg movement when running, from the initiate phase, to pull-through, to lift to extension. So you pick your stride length and pace, just like you do outside, and benefit from being fully supported.

Unlike a treadmill or elliptical, impact is completely eliminated on the Zero Runner. It is an incredible tool to supplement training, to prepare for races and to use for active recovery. Furthermore, the Zero Runner, along with the SmarlLink app, offers CROSS CiRCUIT, an interval training program that combines running with strength and flexibility exercises for a comprehensive workout.

With zero-impact training options like the ElliptiGo and Zero Runner, younger exercisers can cross-train, more mature exercisers can run again, injured or rehabbing exercisers can add variety and aspiring runners can get going. Try zero-impact!

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