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Lose Impact with an Elliptigo or Zero Runner



While running is a great workout for the legs and cardiovascular system, over time, the repetitive impact can be tough on the body. Runners can help reduce their risk of injuries and maintain their conditioning by decreasing or eliminating some high-impact training.


While the stationary bike and rower are low-impact alternatives, most runners prefer weight-bearing exercise, which is where ellipitcals, stairclimbers and aqua jogging come in. Even better, new machines like the Elliptigo and Zero Runner offer maximum workouts with minimum pounding on the body.

The Elliptigo is a cross between an elliptical and a bicycle, and users ride it standing up outdoors. It’s smooth, long range of motion is great for cardiovascular, body-friendly training. And it’s just fun!

The Zero Runner is used indoors and replicates real running motion but without any impact. It uses independent pedals and hip and knee joints that enable exercisers to establish their natural running stride and pace. Now you can run while being fully supported, free from any jarring to the joints.

And for more variety, incorporating CROSS CiRCUIT and SmartLink to the Zero Runner provides a convenient way to cross train and perform intervals of running, strength exercises and yoga, which results in even better overall conditioning. By supplementing outdoor runs with the Zero Runner, runners are reducing impact and repetitive stress, and setting themselves up for greater performance and longevity.

Whether using an Elliptigo or Zero Runner, or doing any other form of low- or non-impact exercise, varying training and minimizing impact where possible is a smart way for runners to excel.

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