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Elliptical vs Treadmill

elliptical vs treadmill


Exercisers sometimes ask about the merits of an elliptical vs a treadmill, wondering which is best. Here, we examine at both options and offer some alternatives as well.



When looking at an elliptical vs treadmill, both are great machines for cardiovascular exercise; a treadmill has more impact and only uses the legs, but an elliptical is a total-body, low-impact workout. Neither is necessarily better than the other, as workout effectiveness on each depends on intensity level. A smart exercise program might include both modalities to challenge the body differently.

Another beneficial machine for cardio workouts is the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness, which replicates real running motion but removes all the impact. The body is supported by independent pedals, and the unique hip and knee joints allow you to follow your natural stride and pace – but without any pounding.

This is a great tool for regular runners who want to correct muscle imbalances and add mileage without increasing their risk of injury, as well as for beginning runners who are creating a training regimen. And for exercisers who aren’t necessarily runners – or who are former runners – the Zero Runner provides an effective cross-training option that can help increase cardiovascular fitness and stamina. It also delivers a no-impact alternative to the treadmill and offers a safe, comfortable choice when poor weather hampers outdoor runs or other workouts.

What’s more, users on the Zero Runner can opt for running motion, shorter steps, a skiing movement or deep lunges for variety. And the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness includes many more pre-designed workouts via CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines various intervals of running, strength exercises and flexibility.

Runners can also take advantage of SmartLink’s gait tracer, which provides valuable information about the health of their stride throughout workouts.

Ellipticals and treadmills are valuable machines. But for the newest revolution in cardio exercise, look to the Zero Runner. Runners can take on more miles, active recovery and productive cross training; and exercisers can achieve greater results with the variety of cross-training.

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