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Heard of an ElliptiGo?



An ElliptiGo is an outdoor combination elliptical-bike, where you stand and pedal in an elliptical shape while holding handlebars to steer. The company calls it elliptical cycling, and while it may look funny the first time you see it, riding an ElliptiGo has some diehard devotees.


One of those fans is Meb Keflezighi – the 2014 Boston Marathon champion, and the first American to win the Boston marathon since 1985, who cross trains with an ElliptiGo. To prepare for Boston, Meb used his ElliptiGo 3- 5 days per week for training rides ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. The ElliptiGo helped him get to the starting line healthy and run a marathon PR just two weeks shy of his 39th birthday.

The new Zero Runner is a similar concept to the ElliptiGo, except that it is used inside and it replicates real running motion, versus an elliptical or cycling movement. What’s incredible about the Zero Runner is that you can actually run on it without any impact to the body. Its independent pedals and unique hip and knee joints let you establish your natural gait and pace, but eliminate the pounding.

For runners – or anyone who wants to be a runner – this is an outstanding training supplement that can help runners minimize risk of injury, add mileage safely and engage in active recovery. Because the Zero Runner requires users to actually run like they do outdoors (unlike an elliptical or bicycle), it specifically trains the running muscles, with attention to core stability and typical stride and gait.

Even better, the Zero Runner, when combined with the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness, enables runners to learn more about their gait with a gait tracer, thereby helping to maintain consistency through longer runs when fatigue can compromise form. And as far as cross training, the Zero Runner with SmartLink is loaded with options via CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines various intervals of running, strength exercises and flexibility.

Cross training is definitely the way to go for improving running. Whether it’s an ElliptiGo or a Zero Runner, be sure to incorporate more than just hitting the pavement to maximize your performance.

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