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Jogger or Runner: Tips to Train Smarter



Whether you’re a casual jogger or competitive runner, training properly is key to improving performance, preventing injury and prolonging your running career. So train smarter, not harder!



Whether you’re a recreational jogger or a competitive runner, training is supremely important to help improve your performance. Even if you aren’t too concerned about your pace, your weekly mileage or setting a personal record (PR), how you train can make a difference in how you feel during and after runs as well as how long you’re ultimately able to run.

Despite the “runner’s high,” most joggers and runners agree that over time, this activity, with its repetitive pounding, stresses the body. And research shows that repetitive stress can lead to injuries, which then hinders training and performance.

But now there is a new training tool that can help any jogger or runner optimize their training, improve their performance and prolong their running career.

Unlike anything available today, the Zero Runner is a new way to run without any impact. With innovative hip and knee joints on independent pedals, the Zero Runner lets you replicate your natural stride and pace – but eliminates the pounding. So you reap all the benefits of running with none of the physical stress.

Plus, the Zero Runner, along with the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness, offers live gait tracing so you can monitor and improve your gait health – which is particularly important on long runs. And SmartLink also provides CROSS CiRCUIT, which delivers customized cross training with routines that combine intervals of running on the Zero with strength and flexibility exercises.

Now you can train smarter – still getting in your miles but not beating up your body. Here are just a few advantages of the Zero Runner:

  1. More natural motion than having to keep up with a moving belt on a treadmill
  2. Real running motion versus an elliptical
  3. Weight-bearing, specific training for your sport, versus a bike
  4. Running that replicates being outside but offers protection from adverse weather conditions
  5. Technology that tracks your gait
  6. Customized cross training made simple
  7. Easier and more convenient to perform than aqua jogging
  8. Reduces risk of injuries and prolongs running career

Jogger, runner or wannabe runner – the new Zero Runner has created a new, smarter way to train.

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