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What’s the Best Home Treadmill?

best home treadmill



There are countless home treadmill options available, which makes picking the best home treadmill difficult. After careful consideration the best option available may surprise you.


With so many choices available, it can be a challenge to select the best home treadmill. You need to do your homework to determine what is most important to you, such as programs, heart rate monitoring, belt and deck cushioning, etc. And be as generous as you can with your budget, as inexpensive treadmills are typically cheaply made and not able to withstand rigorous usage. If you are serious about walking or running on a treadmill, invest in one that will perform well over time.

For a new option to the treadmill, consider the Zero Runner, which lets you replicate real running motion but removes the impact for incredible workouts that don’t beat up your body. With unique hip and knee joints on independent pedals, the Zero Runner enables you to select your natural gait and pace, without the pounding.

Runners now can reduce their risk of injury, add supplemental mileage for races safely, eliminate junk miles that arise from overtraining, take on active recovery and prolong their running careers. Plus, with the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness, Zero Runner users can easily participate in valuable cross training with the CROSS CiRCUIT routine, which combines intervals of running, strength and flexibility.

Also, exercisers can vary the Zero Runner motion, and choose a shortened, more circular motion; deep forward lunges or a straight leg swing.

Why pick a Zero Runner over a treadmill?

  • Zero impact
  • Self-selected pace – no need to keep up with moving belt
  • More realistic running gait and greater muscle utilization
  • Live gait tracing through SmartLink helps you perfect your gait
  • Customized cross training programs through SmartLink
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Cordless – place it anywhere and save money
  • No added maintenance with belt and deck needs

The best home treadmill is ultimately a matter of opinion. But the Zero Runner is a new tool that can even better serve joggers and runners.

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