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Running Machine

running machine


When people think of a “running machine,” most often, they envision a treadmill, which has long given runners and walkers a convenient indoor workout option. But now, there is a unique, true running machine that is unlike any other type of fitness equipment available.


The Zero Runner lets exercisers run without impact. Innovative hip and knee joints on independent pedals enable runners to use their natural gait and pace, all while being supported, so that there is no pounding on the body. For variety, warm-ups or cool downs, users also can choose a shortened, more circular motion; perform deep forward lunges; or utilize a straight-leg swing movement. Upper-body handles support proper posture.

The Zero Runner eliminates the impact of a treadmill, along with the need to keep up with a moving belt.

With the Zero Runner, runners now have a valuable training supplement, and those who’ve always wanted to run have a machine that can help. With this one of a kind running machine, users can benefit from:

  • Reduced risk of overuse injuries
  • Preparation for half-marathons and marathons with supplemental mileage
  • Engaging in active recovery and eliminating “junk miles”
  • Participating in cross training with CROSS CiRCUIT® combined running, strength and flexibility workouts
  • Enhancing performance and prolonging their running careers

Not a treadmill or an elliptical, the Zero Runner has introduced a new way of running – with all the benefits but none of the impact. It marks a revolution in the history of exercise – and a new way to define running machine. To see the Zero Runner running machine in action, visit www.zerorunner.com.

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