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Ever Tried An Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

anti-gravity treadmill


Running on an anti-gravity treadmill, like the AlterG, is a great way to reduce stress on your joints when running; but with a high price tag and limited availability, they aren’t an option for many runners. So what alternatives are there?


The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that unweights a percentage of your body so that you run on it carrying only a portion of your actual body weight, which significantly reduces the impact and stress to the joints. By unweighting you, it significantly decreases the gravitational pull on your body and makes you feel lighter, and potentially faster.

The anti-gravity treadmill is used mostly for elite athletic training and for rehab from injuries, so you aren’t likely to see one in your local health club. And it’s pretty tough to buy one for your home, as the AlterG runs between approximately $35,000 to $75,000 each.

However, a new option exists that now lets you run without impact, and it can be purchased for use at home. The Zero Runner replicates real running motion, using unique hip and knee joints that let runners establish their natural gait. However, because it totally supports the body, there is no pounding or impact to the joints.

Not a treadmill and not an elliptical, the Zero Runner is better than each because it enables users to adopt their natural stride and pace – rather than having to conform to a machine’s design and settings. It literally unweights the body in a more accessible, affordable and convenient manner than the AlterG.

A definite game changer, the Zero Runner gives serious runners a valuable cross training tool that lets them add miles and prepare smarter for races without beating up their body with repetitive stress. Casual runners have an effective option to run when the weather doesn’t cooperate or when they need an active recovery day. And new runners can build stamina and muscle strength and endurance while alternating training outdoors with Zero Runner sessions.

All users can benefit from reduced chance of injury using the Zero Runner. Plus, with CROSS CiRCUIT and the SmartLink app, the Zero Runner delivers efficient, effective cross training for greater overall strength and fitness.

If you want to run for the rest of your life, if you’re recovering from an injury, or if you are seeking a new way to train, check out the Zero Runner. It’s as good as the antigravity treadmill, and more, without the hefty price tag. All in the convenience of home.

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