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Fitness Apps Provide High Tech Options for Exercising

fitness apps



These days it seems like there are new fitness apps being released every day. But like most things, not all fitness apps are created equally.



In 2014, Octane Fitness released SmartLink, our first fitness app. The app was released in conjunction with our all new Q Series home ellipticals, which feature a new xi console that allows the app to sync directly to your machine. Unlike many fitness apps, SmartLink serves as an interactive platform to provide video-guided workouts, custom user settings, and personalized 30- 60- or 90-day fitness plans.

We could go on telling all the features that set SmartLink apart from other fitness apps, but our friends at HealthStyles Exercise Equipment have already put together a great blog post on the topic. So, instead of taking our word for it, read what the staff at HealthStyles thinks about the app in their post High Tech Capabilities for a High Performance Workout.

fitness apps


A very special Thank You to the team at HealthStyles Exercise Equipment for putting together such a wonderful blog post about SmartLink and it’s place in the world of fitness apps.

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