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Ragnar Team Fueled by Zero: Chuck, Kathy & Eric



In August, a team from Octane Fitness will run the Ragnar Relay Great River course from Winona, Minnesota to Minneapolis, MN. Our team, Fueled by Zero, consists of twelve runners; here we’ll introduce you three of them.



One of the great aspects of our Ragnar team, Fueled by Zero, is that there are runners of every experience level. From people who have run over 35 races to those who are completing their third or fourth; everyone is an integral part of the relay team.


Chuck R. – Senior Director of Engineering
Chuck proudly admits that he began his running “career” as a newspaper boy at age 12, where frequently waking up late meant that he had to run his delivery route in order to finish and get to school in time. Since then, he has run on and off form 40+ years, which could make him the oldest member of the Fueled by Zero team, but he admits nothing.


Since giving up the paper route, Chuck now runs 2-4 times each week, and has competed several hundred races (he’s including high school) of all distances – but only one marathon. His favorite distances are the 10K and 10 miles.

After suffering a sharp pain in his hip a few months ago, Chuck cross trained on the Octane Q47 and Zero Runner, used a foam roller, stretched and got massages, and he’s gotten his running shoes back on. He follows the Runner’s World Smart Coach plan, which is a mix of easy days, intervals/tempo runs and long runs.

Chuck joined the Ragnar team because he said it would be a unique experience to participate in an overnight event (we’re hoping he can stay awake!). His goal is to enjoy the adventure. Good luck, Chuck


Kathy R. – Technical Communications Consultant
Coming in second to her husband, Chuck, for the longest running tenure on the Fueled by Zero team, Kathy has been a runner “off and on” for 30+ years, completing too many races to remember, but including all distances – with four marathons and several duathlons. Her favorites are the 5K and ½ marathon.

Kathy likes to keep her training plan for shorter races somewhat unstructured, mixing in 2-3 days of running “as far and as fast as I feel like on a particular day.” For ½ marathon and marathon training, she sets a specific plan with easy runs, cross training days and long runs. In preparation for Ragnar, she’s methodically taking on some “two-a-days” as well as night runs, fully decked out in the headlamp, tail light and vest.


She includes the elliptical for cross training at least once a week, preferring the 30:30 program and CROSS CiRCUIT. Not one to sit down, Kathy is a FitBit devotee and gets in a minimum of 10,000 steps every day.

The Ragnar was appealing for the “camaraderie and the unique challenge of an overnight endurance event.” (We think she had to sign up to help keep Chuck awake!) Her goal is to complete her legs in a reasonable time “without getting lost!”

For newbies, Kathy refers to an anonymous quote: “It doesn’t really matter what happens between the start line and the finish line; what matters is that you cross both.” Well said!


Eric F. – Electrical Engineer
An electrical engineer who confesses that “marching band was the closest I came to athletics,” Eric has only been running for 4 months, but he’s ready to take on the Ragnar Relay! Currently running 2-3 times each week, Eric has already squeezed in two 5K races, but he admits that his favorite race distance is two miles, which could make for a long night at Ragnar.


Although he developed runner’s knee at the start of his training, Eric did low-impact cardio and strength to heal. Now, he trains using CROSS CiRCUIT on the Octane Pro4700, Pro3700, Q47 or LateralX.

The most inexperienced runner on the Fueled by Zero team, Eric joined to take on a goal that was “challenging but achievable,” and says he is motivated to do his best because the team is depending on him. His goal is to finish all three of his legs in the race, and will be “extremely happy” with an 11 minute/mile pace. “I won’t win, but I will go the distance!” says Eric.

He encourages first-time racers to start slow and work through setbacks, and to remember that your body is capable of more than you think.


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