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Ragnar Team Fueled by Zero: Ed, Heather & Mark



This August, a team from Octane Fitness will run the Ragnar Relay Great River course from Winona, Minnesota to Minneapolis, MN. Here, we introduce you to members of our twelve person team, Fueled by Zero.


One of the great aspects of our Ragnar team, Fueled by Zero, is that there are runners of every experience level. From people who have run over 35 races to those who are completing their third or fourth; everyone is an integral part of the relay team. 

Ed O. – CFO
If you know Ed as a “good with numbers” guy, you might be surprised that he played football and was a wrestler in high school. For the past 15 years, though, he channels his focus on running and triathlons, having completed 15 triathlons and 5 running races, with his favorite distance the 5K and 10K.

ragnar-edWhen Ed trains for an event, he admits he is more structured, with two or three short runs each week and a long run on the weekend. He is using the new Zero Runner a lot during the week to fit in his mileage and conditioning without any impact to the body. He also hits the elliptical twice a week to do CROSS CiRCUIT workouts at lunch with teammate Kelly.

For his first Ragnar, Ed is aiming for a 9-minute mile or faster pace. “More importantly, I’m looking forward to spending 30+ hours with some of the coolest people I know!” (That would be the cool Fueled by Zero crew, who definitely are NOT all numbers people!)

Simple words of advice to newbie runners: “Just sign up for a race, then get a plan. You’ll get there. Don’t wait until you are a great runner to sign up for a race.”


Heather B. – Master Trainer
The envy of many of her colleagues, Heather gets paid to work out all the time. As a Master Trainer, she travels the world teaching personal trainers how to implement CROSS CiRCUIT – and fitting in runs in some pretty scenic surroundings!

As a lifelong athlete, it’s no surprise that Heather has been running for almost 20 years and has completed more races than she can remember – including 6 marathons and 12 half-marathons.


Unfortunately, along the way, Heather has undergone ankle reconstruction and suffered a hip labrum tear and impingement syndrome. To get back to running, she walked, used Octane ellipticals and strength trained.

“After my hip surgery, I didn’t think I would be able to run more than 2-3 miles at a time. As I cross trained and strength trained, I became stronger and could run longer distances.”

Today she runs three times a week, with two runs about 3-5 miles and one longer run of 6-8 miles due to her past injuries. When she’s not leading hundreds through CROSS CiRCUIT routines, she also does strength training in the form of TRX and weight workouts, along with hitting the Pro4700 elliptical a few times each week.

Regarding her first Ragnar Relay, Heather is her usual optimistic self. “I am always looking for a goal or something to work toward, and this is about the experience and doing it with coworkers!”


Mark B. – Customer Service Manager
ragnar-markAfter breaking his neck in 11th grade as a wrestler, Mark has remained blissfully injury-free as a runner for eight years. With more than 15 races of all distances, plus a few triathlons, under his belt, Mark prefers half-marathons. He is rather loose with his training – running 2-3 times a week, with two short, 3-mile runs and one long, 5-7 mile run.

An outdoor runner, Mark supplements his training with the Octane Pro4700, LateralX and Zero Runner, using CROSS CiRCUIT, 30:30 or MMA to satisfy his competitive edge. He also does CrossFit and hoists free weights and kettlebells to stay fit.

As for his first Ragnar Relay, Mark said he signed up to be a part of Fueled by Zero since it sounded like “a good way to have some strange fun.” Keeping his expectations low, he said his goal is to finish the race. And this laid-back athlete tells new runners in their first race
to “just have fun, and don’t worry about your finishing time.”


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