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Ragnar Team Fueled by Zero: Kelly, Cameron & Tina



In August, a team from Octane Fitness will run the Ragnar Relay Great River course from Winona, Minnesota to Minneapolis, MN. Our team, Fueled by Zero, consists of twelve runners; here we’ll introduce you three of them.


One of the great aspects of our Ragnar team, Fueled by Zero, is that there are runners of every experience level. From people who have run over 35 races to those who are completing their third or fourth; everyone is an integral part of the relay team. 

Kelly G. – Inside Sales Support
Fitness fanatic Kelly only stops moving to type some emails at Octane. True to her high-energy personality, she’s crammed in more than 35 races into her eight years of running, including all distances, plus a duathlon and 5K mud runs. 


When she is not running, she teaches six group fitness classes each week, including step aerobics, group cycling and strength training.And on her lunch hour, she does CROSS CiRCUIT twice weekly as well – just so no one here calls her lazy! She uses the LateralX, the Zero Runner and the Q47 or Pro4700 ellipticals. 

 For her first Ragnar, she admits, “I hope to finish!” Although she isn’t sure what to expect at the relay, she knows that it’s best to run the pace you feel comfortable at, and win the mental battle of running to be successful. To new runners and racers, she says, “Have fun and never give up. Rejoice when you run through the finish line, and take pride in knowing that you did it!”


Cameron W. – Consumer Direct Sales
ragnar-cameronOne of the newer kids on the block at Octane, Cam was a student athlete in football, wrestling and shot put – and he’s got the muscles to prove it! Now he stokes his competitive spirit with running a lot over the past six years, with 25 races under his belt so far. His favorite distance? “Marathon, of course! Go big or go home!”

Because he is a young guy, Cam hasn’t had any running injuries (yet). And he trains smart by running six days/week, building up mileage and including speed intervals, tempo runs, long pace runs and recovery runs. He also pumps iron and uses CROSS CiRCUIT twice per week, and prefers the LateralX and the Zero Runner for additional cardio work.

A Ragnar newbie, Cam says he thought it would be a great way to bond with his co-workers (talk to him after the race!), as well as be a new running challenge in which he is aiming to maintain sub eight-minute miles. He tells first-time racers to have fun, but also to “be careful, as races can be addicting.”


Tina N. – Marketing Manager
A master multi-tasker and full-time juggler of many balls, Tina keeps her engine revved by running three times a week and finishing “too many to count” races over the past 15 years. Despite a nagging tight right hip flexor, Tina pushes through “short and sweet” Tuesdays with a short distance at race pace; mid-distance Thursdays at a slightly slower than race pace; and long runs on Saturdays, kicking in speed for the last half-mile.


On the other days of the week, Tina is a committed Octane exerciser on the Zero Runner and Pro4700, with the 30:30 Interval program and the Heart Rate Interval workouts as her favorites. “Using the Heart Rate Interval program has really helped my cardiovascular fitness because I set the program to raise my heart rate to my running heart rate, and then I do intervals at an even higher rate.”

This first Ragnar was what Tina needed to push her to a new level with her running, and she is aiming to have an overall average pace of 9:30 for her16-mile total, including those middle-of-the-night intervals.

Tip from Tina for new racers: “You’ll never know if you can do it unless you try.”


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