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Ragnar Team Fueled by Zero: Tom, Monica & Jeff



In August, a team from Octane Fitness will run the Ragnar Relay Great River course from Winona, Minnesota to Minneapolis, MN. Our team, Fueled by Zero, consists of twelve runners; here we’ll introduce you three of them.


One of the great aspects of our Ragnar team, Fueled by Zero, is that there are runners of every experience level. From people who have run over 35 races to those who are completing their third or fourth; everyone is an integral part of the relay team. 

Tom C. – Mechanical Engineer
In the three years he has been running, Tom has already completed 15 races, including 3 marathons – and he says marathons are his favorite distance! Describing himself as an “upper average” or an “extra medium” level runner, Tom follows a structured training 


To benefit from strength training, Tom incorporates the CROSS CiRCUIT program on an Octane Q47, LateralX and Zero Runner twice each week. His recovery beverage of choice: chocolate milk.program six days weekly, including one 4-6 mile interval run, one 6-10 mile tempo run, one 8-16 mile long run and three 6-8 mile easy “recovery” runs.

This is Tom’s first Ragnar event, and as captain of the Octane Fueled by Zero team, he says, “my biggest goal is for the team to cross the finish line with a smile on their face and a great sense of accomplishment.” (Check back with us post-race to see how that goes!)

For anyone considering competing in his/her first race, Tom recommends, “Run your own race, no matter what pace. The fact that you laced up your sneakers and hit the pavement makes you a runner.”


Monica H. – Director of Latin American Sales
Based in sunny Miami, Monica has plenty of opportunity to hit the pavement three times each week for the past 3-1/2 years. She’s completed five races, including a 5K, 10K and half-marathon, and prefers the 5K. So far injury-free, Monica does three days of strength training weekly as well, preferring to challenge herself to the WODs of CrossFit.

To stay healthy, Monica resists temptation and follows a Paleo diet. This is her first Ragnar Relay, and she joined the team for the team-building (i.e., fun!) benefits. Looking forward to this new experience, Monica tells new runners to create a training program, make it fun and – particularly in fashion-savvy Miami, get the right shoes!


Jeff L. – Senior Project Manager

Although you may not immediately recognize his competitive streak behind his low-key demeanor, Jeff has been an avid runner for nine years, completing more than 30 races or all distances. Self-described as a running “enthusiast,” and apparently a man of extremes, Jeff says his favorite distances are the 5K and the marathon.


All that running has led to shin splints and a stress fracture in the past, which Jeff worked through in physical therapy and which he now keeps at bay through cross training. In between three runs outside (long, easy and speed/hill work), Jeff fits in CROSS CiRCUIT workouts on the LateralX and Zero Runner and performs some runner-specific exercises, such as clamshells for hip strength.

For his first Ragnar event this year, Jeff is excited by the new challenge of a distance relay race and says that he hopes to feel strong in his third and final leg, running close to his marathon pace.

As for new runners? Jeff advises, “Always make sure you have fun – then you’ll keep coming back for more!”


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