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Ragnar Running Relay: Team Fueled by Zero

running relay


In August, members of the Octane Fitness team will compete in the Ragnar Relay Series, completing the roughly 200-mile running relay from southeastern Minnesota up to Minneapolis. Find out more about the race and team Fueled by Zero!


The Ragnar Relay Series is an overnight running relay race that is held all across the United States. Teams of twelve, split between two vans that transport runners along the route, tag-team the approximately 200-mile course; running relay style, day and night. Each runner completes three legs of the race, with legs ranging from 3-8 miles and varying difficulty levels. Basically, it’s two days of running, team building and fun!

This year, Octane Fitness has put together a team to participate in the Great River course from Winona, Minnesota to Minneapolis, MN. The route, which follows the Mississippi River, will take runners through bluffs and past farmland in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is definitely going to have its challenges but the entire team has been training and getting Fueled for the race.

Before we introduce the members of the Octane Fitness Regar Relay team, let’s discuss the team name, Fueled by Zero. When debating possible team names everyone kept coming back to the idea of being Fueled; not surprising given the company motto to Fuel Your Life. The team wanted to hint to what was getting them Fueled for the race and when that idea came to light, the answer was easy: Zero Runner.

Each member of the team has worked to get relay ready by training on the Zero Runner, the newest addition to the line up of Octane Fitness machines. The revolutionary design of the Zero Runner provides zero impact training with the most uninhibited, natural running motion available on any exercise equipment. Throughout training, team members have been utilizing the Zero Runner to enhance their run training without adding wear and tear to their bodies. The team has truly been Fueled by Zero.

Get to know the members of team Fueled by Zero in the following posts:

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