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16 Week Marathon Training Plan

16 week marathon training schedule



Running a marathon can seem daunting, even to experienced runners. But with proper training, like this 16 week marathon training schedule, anyone can finish a marathon.


More people are participating in running today, and with that, more are taking on the challenge of races of all distances, including marathons. If you have ever watched or participated in a marathon, you know that people of all ages and body types are on the course, working to conquer 26.2 miles.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a marathon but didn’t know where to start, good news! With the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness, now you can supplement outdoor training with miles inside — with no impact. The unique Zero Runner lets you replicate your natural running motion with the support of flexible hip and knee joints on the machine. Therefore, you benefit from the conditioning and specific running motion, but you don’t beat up your body with all the pounding. That means you can train smarter.

Adding the Zero Runner to a 16 week marathon training schedule helps reduce your risk of injury, enhance your motivation and improve your performance at the race. Assuming that you’ve already been running for 8-10 weeks and you can run for 30 minutes without stopping, here is a recommended training schedule:

16 Week Marathon Training Schedule

16 Week Marathon Training Schedule


Note that runners need to include at least one absolute rest day weekly, and running on the Zero Runner is optional each week for active recovery. Also, a portion of long runs on Saturdays may be performed on the Zero Runner to perfect form, limit fatigue and reduce impact.

Also note that this is a suggested 16 week marathon training schedule, and individual training capacities and schedules may vary. The program is designed to get you to the finish line strong. Take advantage of the Zero Runner to augment your outdoor training, and watch your performance improve. Happy training!


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