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Looking for A Weight Loss Plan?

weight loss plan


There are a ton of weight loss plans and resources available today, adding up to a multi-billion dollar industry, with some useful and sound, and others downright dangerous to your health.



If you use an Octane Fitness elliptical, finding a weight loss plan has never been easier. With the new SmartLink app, available for free at iTunes®, exercisers can take advantage of expert guidance and customized workouts. Upon downloading the app onto an iPad®, individuals simply choose the Lose Weight goal and select from a 30-, 60- or 90-day program. After administering a brief fit test, this smart app creates a personalized regime designed to help you meet your weight loss goals, all in line with your current fitness level, your days available to work out and more.

Based on input from fitness professionals, SmartLink intelligence delivers specific workouts, including interval training and combined cardio and strength sessions (via Octane’s CROSS CiRCUIT) that challenge you to continue making progress. The app coaches along the way and recalibrates if necessary to keep you on target toward results.

You can even do a workout early, make up a missed session or add a day to accommodate your schedule. The app tracks all your routines so you can easily view your accomplishments and stay motivated, and Octane’s Be Fit tips provide valuable information as you pursue your goal.

Of course, any effective weight loss plan must address sound nutrition and caloric intake as well. Octane and SmartLink have your workouts covered with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, which is a critical component to success. It’s your own personal trainer – available 24/7/365 at a superb value!

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