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Zero Impact Running with Zero Runner

zero impact


It’s always humbling to receive unsolicited praise for our products. Here is one such blog post from Gym Source, regarding our newest zero impact product, the Zero Runner.



The blog’s author, Norm Morrison, a Product Manager at Gym Source with over 15 years experience, doesn’t waste any time before he begins to praise the zero impact benefits of Zero Runner. In fact, he starts by saying, “the era of “smart training” has arrived—and if you don’t believe me, check out the stunning new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness. Threatening to make the concept of “fitness innovation” an understatement, the revolutionary Zero Runner takes indoor running (and cardio training overall) in surprising new direction.”

Read Norm’s entire post about Zero Runner on the Gym Source blog.

Be sure to also visit www.zerorunner.com to learn more and sign-up to receive email updates.

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