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A Smarter Fitness App

fitness app


These days, the world of fitness apps can be overwhelming, and finding the right fit for you takes some research. After all, if you download an app and then find that it’s not helpful, you won’t use it – and then it’s just eating up valuable space on your mobile device.


When reviewing a fitness app, consider first your goals, such as losing weight, running a faster 10K, upping your bench press or taking more steps each day. Tailor you’re app selection to help you accomplish those goals. Then ensure that the app includes features that you want – like a calorie counter, workout log or social media links that let you share your accomplishments with your buddies.

If you’re an elliptical lover, check out the new SmartLink app from Octane Fitness. Available for free at iTunes® and used in conjunction with Octane’s new Q37xi and Q47xi home elliptical machines, this fitness app enables an iPad® to connect to and control the elliptical for the most effective workouts.

What’s great about SmartLink is that it creates workouts based on goals – including lose weight, feel better, get stronger and improve athletic performance. Taking into account your parameters, such as how often you can exercise and duration of workouts, SmartLink designs customized workouts to help you see results.

The workout tracker and progress log keep you on track and motivated, and the built-in social media links make it simple to tell the world just how well you are doing. Be Fit tips add lots of recommendations so you stay fueled. Plus, if you’re a multi-tasker, you can easily watch a movie or surf the Internet during workouts, while SmartLink runs in the background.

SmartLink does the brain work, and you do the body work. And you never run out of workouts – with simple updates, you benefit from even more programs and ways to enhance your fitness level.

Don’t just choose a fitness app that sits on your tablet or phone – with SmartLink, you get a virtual personal trainer and interactive fitness guide.

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