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Seeking a Weight Loss App

There are so many weight loss apps available today, so how do you pick one that works for you? Certainly, you have to do your homework and decide what features you want and will use to get you to your goal. And you can’t just focus on diet for weight loss, but you must include exercise for best results.

SmartLink is a new weight loss app from Octane Fitness that is available for free at iTunes®. Used in conjunction with Octane’s new Q37xi and Q47xi home elliptical machines, this smart app enables an iPad® to connect to and control the elliptical for the most effective workouts.

More than just a weight loss app, SmartLink designs workouts based on goals – including weight loss, but also feel better, get stronger and improve athletic performance. It incorporates your personal preferences into your goal/s and creates customized workouts to help you see results.

And this app records all your workouts and tracks your progress, so you can easily see what you’ve accomplished. Sharing your success is easy with the built-in social media links. Plus, you can take advantage of Be Fit tips to optimize your weight loss efforts.

What’s great about SmartLink is that it does the thinking for you and tells you exactly what to do in your workouts, which provides reassurance that you’re headed in the right direction. And with app updates, you benefit from additional, new workouts; more Fit Tips and extra ways to stay motivated.

SmartLink is more than a weight loss app, it’s a virtual personal trainer and interactive fitness guide that can keep you on track for years.

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