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Smarter Elliptical Workouts

elliptical workouts


If you’re looking for a little extra guidance and motivation with your elliptical exercise, the new SmartLink app from Octane Fitness is your solution. Available for free in the iTunes® app store, SmartLink works with an iPad® and is compatible with Octane’s new Q37xi and Q47xi elliptical trainers.


SmartLink actually connects to and controls your elliptical via your iPad, and it does all the thinking and you do the work. The app has four workout categories to help guide you toward your goal:  Lose Weight, Feel Better, Get Stronger and Athletic Performance. Elliptical workouts are developed in the app based on these goals and your personal preferences, such as how often you can exercise and the duration of your sessions.

With Personal Profile settings, you can program your individual data, favorite workouts and preferred feedback display, so all you have to do to get started is click two buttons. When you use Octane’s Workout Boosters, SmartLink now shows all the moves on video to ensure that you have proper form.

A virtual personal trainer, SmartLink can schedule workouts in your calendar, send you reminders of exercise sessions and then keep you moving once you’re on the elliptical. Plus, the app tracks all of your elliptical workouts so you can see the progress you’ve made over time. And you benefit from new elliptical workouts, programs and videos every time Octane issues an app update.

With SmartLink, you can be sure that your training is effective and on track to get you to your goals. And your workout library is comprehensive and growing to keep you motivated and getting results. SmartLink really is smarter training.

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