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Massage Benefits and Types

1月 15, 2020

Massage Benefits and TypesIf one of your New Year’s resolutions involves taking better care of yourself, massage can be instrumental. No longer just a luxury for the affluent, massage is an increasingly popular method of treating the body and mind, with certified massage therapists available in spas, health clubs, physical therapy clinics, standalone studios and more. Most people equate massage with relaxation and stress relief, which indeed are valuable outcomes, but massage offers many more therapeutic benefits. Check out this summary of the many massage benefits and types, and then make an appointment! Massage Benefits and Types Research continues to support how massage can enhance physical and mental health, including:

  1. Alleviates stress
  2. Promotes relaxation
  3. Reduces pain – arthritis, headaches, low-back, fibromyalgia, sports-specific injuries, etc.
  4. Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
  5. Can boost immune system
  6. Improves posture
  7. Can lower blood pressure
  8. Eases anxiety and depression
  9. Improves exercise performance
  10. Can enhance balance
  11. Promotes better sleep
  12. Increases range of motion and flexibility
  13. Tempers effects of dementia
  14. Strengthens cardiovascular health
  15. Encourages post-operative recovery
  16. Helps heal injuries
  17. Boosts cognitive focus and attention
  18. Fights fatigue
The bottom line is that massage simply makes you feel better,


Best New Year’s Resolutions for Health

1月 8, 2020

Although New Year’s resolutions are often associated with failure of lack of achievement, not everyone quits. And the process of looking forward and establishing objectives for this year is healthy and can guide behavior change. If you haven’t yet identified any 2020 goals, here are some fairly simple and doable options. Pick out one or a few and go for it. If you get derailed, don’t beat yourself up. You have an entire 365 days to pursue these best New Year’s resolutions for health. Best New Year’s Resolutions for Health

  1. Walk more and take the stairs – Unless you have an active job, most of us sit way too much. Get intentional about walking more to benefit your body and mind. That means run errands on foot, get off the bus a stop or two early and hoof it, become a dog owner or volunteer at a shelter, skip the elevator and take the stairs, hold walking meetings at work, pace when you’re on the phone, mow your lawn and maybe invest in a treadmill desk. Just move more.
  2. Drink smarter – Consciously take in more water by carrying a bottle with you,