Octane Rō

Ro console
  • Dual resistance – fan and magnetic brake
  • Quick-release foot strap
  • Max 14 Interval workout
  • MultiGrip handlebar
  • Enhanced console with calorie meter
  • Comfort seat
  • Oversized handlebar catch
  • Self-powered
  • Small footprint
  • Easy storage



Dual Resistance

With combined fan and magnetic brake resistance, the Octane Rō provides a broader range of intensity levels to facilitate easy warm-ups to all-out HIIT intervals, and everything in between. Beginners to athletes can benefit from this progressive resistance that offers continuous challenge to inspire powerful performance and yield results.
Quick-Release Foot Strap

Finally! A hassle-free method of getting onto and off of the rower. This patent-pending design enables exercisers to quickly insert their feet and pull up on the handle for a secure fit. To exit, they simply push the button to release the strap. It’s just that easy!
MultiGrip Handlebar
MultiGrip Handlebar

Once again, Octane has taken a standard component and enhanced it to deliver a superior experience. By design, the MultiGrip handlebar provides a several natural hand positions so users enjoy greater comfort and can better engage the chest, back and arm muscles. Plus, with the MultiGrip handlebar, exercisers can adopt a kayaking or canoeing motion for greater workout variety.
Enhanced Console

Backlit for easy readability, the oversized, 7-inch LCD console features a dynamic calorie meter that simultaneously shows exercisers their best and current efforts as encouragement to continue striving throughout their regimen. Real-time performance metrics, including strokes per minute, watts, distance, time, calories and heart rate, also fuel motivation.

HIIT and Steady-State

14-Minute Workout

Made popular by the Max Trainer cardio machine, the Max 14 Interval program drives maximum effort in 25-second intervals, followed by 80-second recovery periods. This ultra-efficient, 14-minute HIIT session inspires exercisers to give it their all and benefit from total-body conditioning.

Ideal for small group and circuit training sessions, the MAX CiRCUIT routine facilitates use by multiple users in rapid succession. The console tracks time and intensity for each individual exerciser, and then automatically resets to zero between exercisers. Each user gets their own data, without having to waste time resetting the console. Simply strap in and row!
Exceptional Efficiency

HIIT delivers a productive combination of efficiency and effectiveness. And while the Octane Rō provides intense resistance and progressive challenges, its seated, no-impact format eliminates excessive pounding on the body. Exercisers get the all the intensity they crave without all the jarring on the joints. Win-Win!
Ro Canoe
Steady-State Cardio

The Octane Rō is also a great choice for steady-state cardio sessions, where users maintain consistent intensity and enjoy the pace of rhythmic strokes to build cardiovascular endurance and burn calories and fat. Progressive resistance yields ongoing total-body challenges, and this low-impact modality eliminates repetitive pounding for more joint-friendly sweat sessions.

Superior Convenience

Comfort Seat

This specially designed seat incorporates ergonomic contours on the large, padded surface so that exercisers enjoy more comfort and stability.
Oversized Handlebar Catch

No more fumbling to access and secure the handlebar! On the Octane Rō, the oversized handlebar catch makes it simple and safe to grab and store the handlebar so workouts can begin and end smoothly and quickly.
Small Footprint

In today’s functional training areas and on cardio floors, every square foot counts. That’s why the compact Octane Rō is designed to be space efficient, while still facilitating a long range of motion and accommodating exercisers of different sizes.
Easy Storage

The space-efficient Octane Rō is also portable, so it’s simple to transport and move around functional training areas to accommodate different workouts or circuits. Simply tip up the rower on its base for space-efficient storage when not in use.

Octane Trifecta

HIIT Tri-fected
HIIT Tri-fected

The new Octane Trifecta is now available to equip clubs and boutiques. Comprised of the Octane Rō, Max Trainer and AirdyneX exercise machines, the valuable Octane Trifecta facilitates HIIT, small group training, circuit workouts, individual training sessions and more with varied total-body, low-impact regimens.

Boasting ease-of-use and intuitive movements, the Octane Trifecta machines equally accommodate exercisers of different abilities and have similar consoles for instant familiarity. Users just get on and go for supreme efficiency in these effective workouts.
Octane Rō

The intuitive, accommodating Octane Rō delivers progressive challenges via dual resistance and 10 resistance levels that boost intensity. Exercisers can find extra motivation from the enhanced console and dynamic calorie meter, which report real-time efforts.

Plus, the Octane Rō is exceptionally easy to use, with innovative features such as the patent-pending quick-release foot strap, MultiGrip handlebar and oversized handlebar catch.
Max Trainer

Exercisers simply get on and go with the Max Trainer cardio machine, with no required adjustments, virtually unlimited resistance and immediate intensity changes based on the user’s efforts, making it ideal for HIIT workouts when every second counts.

Challenging beginners to athletes, the Max Trainer cardio machine inspires users to push themselves as they track their real-time performance metrics on the console and try to bury the needle on the compelling calorie meter. (This same, addictive calorie meter comes on the Octane Rō as well.)
Airdyne X
Airdyne X

The traditional air bike has a long heritage of performance, and the Octane AirdyneX bike further enhances this popular gym mainstay.

Exercisers benefit from a custom-designed, 26-blade performance fan and single-stage belt drive, which increase efficiency and generate more power. MultiGrip handlebars offer several hand placement options for variety, and users can isolate the upper body using the stationary foot pegs. The addictive tachometer on the AirdyneX bike invites intensity and showcases effort.



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