IHRSA 2020

Like you, Octane Fitness was disappointed to lose the opportunity this year to connect with industry colleagues, customers and friends at the IHRSA 2020 Convention and Trade Show. Since we couldn’t meet in person, we are eager to share our latest innovations that are designed to fuel your facility.

Please scroll down to see all the latest equipment and features exclusively from Octane, and take advantage of our IHRSA 2020 Octane Trifecta special.

Buy one Octane Ro and one MTX Max Trainer – get the AirdyneX FREE!*

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Octane Trifecta

HIIT Tri-fected
HIIT Tri-Fected

The new Octane Trifecta is now available to equip clubs and boutiques. Comprised of the Octane Rō, Max Trainer and AirdyneX exercise machines, the valuable Octane Trifecta facilitates HIIT, small group training, circuit workouts, individual training sessions and more with varied total-body, low-impact regimens.

Boasting ease-of-use and intuitive movements, the Octane Trifecta machines equally accommodate exercisers of different abilities and have similar consoles for instant familiarity. Users just get on and go for supreme efficiency in these effective workouts.
Octane Rō

The intuitive, accommodating Octane Rō delivers progressive challenges via dual resistance and 10 resistance levels that boost intensity. Exercisers can find extra motivation from the enhanced console and dynamic calorie meter, which report real-time efforts.

Plus, the Octane Rō is exceptionally easy to use, with innovative features such as the patent-pending quick-release foot strap, MultiGrip handlebar and oversized handlebar catch.
Max Trainer

Exercisers simply get on and go with the Max Trainer cardio machine, with no required adjustments, virtually unlimited resistance and immediate intensity changes based on the user’s efforts, making it ideal for HIIT workouts when every second counts.

Challenging beginners to athletes, the Max Trainer cardio machine inspires users to push themselves as they track their real-time performance metrics on the console and try to bury the needle on the compelling calorie meter. (This same, addictive calorie meter comes on the Octane Rō as well.)

The traditional air bike has a long heritage of performance, and the Octane AirdyneX bike further enhances this popular gym mainstay.

Exercisers benefit from a custom-designed, 26-blade performance fan and single-stage belt drive, which increase efficiency and generate more power. MultiGrip handlebars offer several hand placement options for variety, and users can isolate the upper body using the stationary foot pegs. The addictive tachometer on the AirdyneX bike invites intensity and showcases effort.


14-minute Workout

Today’s busy exercisers want to maximize ROI in every workout. The MT8000 satisfies with the efficient Max 14 Interval program, where users are challenged with short, high-intensity intervals, followed by brief recovery periods. In just 14 minutes, they can blast calories and burn fat.

Deliver effective HIIT in a low-impact, total-body format. Plus, benefit from rapid turnover of machines to accommodate even more exercisers during high-traffic times.
Calorie Meter

Up-to-the second feedback on calories burned per minute keeps exercisers constantly moving and motivated throughout sweat sessions. Boasting a refined design, this calorie meter shows a user’s best sprint effort as an extra incentive to hit that maximum output again and again – for every-minute-counts, productive HIIT regimens.

It’s no surprise that exercisers require interactivity and entertainment during cardio workouts, which can help increase adherence, results and retention. Octane’s smart console fully equips them to engage in multiple ways, including Internet surfing, web video streaming and web applications.

Even more, adding an optional personal viewing screen or a 900 Mhz wireless receiver provides a multitude of television and entertainment selections in a fully integrated solution with keypad controls that delivers superior custom entertainment.
Floors Program

Here’s a chance to climb the Empire State Building – over and over again. Give exercisers a goal and the reward of accomplishment with the Floors program. Users simply select from 100-1000 floors and immediately get to work. The console displays progress, and for every 100 floors, exercisers get credit for one complete Empire State Building climbed. They can watch as they earn credit for each floor, with stats constantly provided for total floors climbed, floors/minute pace and the total number of buildings conquered!


xr6000s swivel seat
Swivel Seat

To maximize ease of entry and exit, the swivel seat on the xR6000S turns +/-210 degrees to comfortably accommodate exercisers of different abilities and ages, particularly when getting on and off the machine.
xr6000s swivel seat side platform
Side Platforms

Raised platforms on each side of the recumbent elliptical provide a sturdy foundation and easier access when entering and exiting the xRide.
xr6000s swivel seat powerstroke
PowerStroke Technology

What distinguishes the xRide recumbent elliptical from other seated cardio machines is its unique PowerStroke technology that facilitates a longer elliptical motion, forward and backward, to challenge more muscles for a more productive workout that can burn more calories and achieve optimal results from a seated position.
Smart console technology

Fuel exercisers with the best entertainment experience by upgrading to the smart console that equips users to multitask. Users benefit from a great workout while staying up-to-date on all the latest information on the Internet.

With the smart consoles, individuals can browse the web, quickly access applications, stream video and take advantage of video coaching for select programs.

LG TV/Apple GymKit


New from Octane Fitness, the premium 15.6” touch screen LG TV offers superior image quality and crisp colors, with an intuitive interface and easy access to control buttons, along with multiple TV stations. With broad tuning capabilities, including compatibility with IPTV and Pro:Idiom, and robust hardware, the LG TV equips clubs to enhance their interactive experience.
Apple GymKit™

Octane Fitness is a GymKit-enabled partner for the Apple® Watch. The LateralX, XT-One and XT3700 are compatible with Apple GymKit technology, enabling Apple Watch owners to wirelessly sync workout data. Exercisers simply bring their Apple Watch close to the “Connect Watch” here badge on the console, and the watch and machine share workout metrics, with data conveniently stored on the app on the Apple Watch.


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