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BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. – June 23, 2008 – Octane Fitness, LLC, a leading brand of multiple award-winning, premium elliptical cross trainers, has expanded exercise options with the xRide, a revolutionary new workout that is designed to deliver results to every level exerciser.

“In rethinking exercise, we have created an exceptionally effective way to train with the comfort and support of a seat,” said Tim Porth, executive vice president of product development and marketing for Octane Fitness.  “And the xRide helps everyone from hard-core athletes to beginning exercisers meet their goals.”

Best of Both Worlds

The xRide offers the advantages of traditional standing elliptical cross trainers, including total-body, low-impact cardiovascular workouts – but in a comfortable seated position. The legs benefit from the fluid, natural elliptical motion – either forward or in reverse, and with a longer stroke than that of stationary bikes. And the upper body gets a full workout while pushing and pulling using Octane’s exclusive MultiGrip handlebars that custom-fit each individual.

Users can work the upper and lower body simultaneously, the lower body alone by holding the side handles or the upper body only by placing their feet on the stationary foot pegs.

The ergonomically designed seat with a back support is adjustable and tilts to accommodate every size exerciser comfortably. And, the Active Seat Position, set at a 45-degree angle, helps to open the hips and torso for greater muscular activity.

Plus, exercisers can take advantage of leverage from the seat to engage in muscular endurance strength training by increasing the resistance level and performing either an iso-lateral leg press or iso-lateral chest press.

The xRide also provides a better workout than a recumbent bike. University research shows that xRide users show 343% more activity in the glutes and burned 23% more calories than when riding a recumbent bike at the same perceived exertion level.

Intentional Execution

Everything about the xRide is intended to inspire effective, efficient and enjoyable exercise. Getting on is simple with the step-through design; oversized pedals feature a soft rubber insert to maximize comfort and safety; and dual accessory holders house a phone, mp3 player, remote control and water bottle.

With 20 resistance levels and a host of new workouts, including beginner routines; custom interval programs; and 30:30, an intense, endurance-building regime from the pros at Athletes’ Performance, the xRide is ideal for everyone in a household.

For the ultimate in cross training challenges, workout boosters such as Muscle Endurance prompt exercisers to push and pull, pedal fast, go in reverse, and more. The new Chest Press and Leg Press workouts deliver strength-training benefits with rigorous intervals of 10-15 repetitions at high resistance levels throughout the cardiovascular session.

Single Solution

Extremely versatile, the xRide is designed to meet the various goals of different exercisers, whether they want to lose weight with combined cardio and strength training; build cardiovascular endurance with interval training; tone muscles with lower- and upper-body overload; or enhance overall health and wellness with total-body, low-impact workouts. And unlike any other single machine, the xRide makes it possible for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, Baby Boomers, active seniors and the deconditioned or rehabilitating to experience results.

Three xRide models are available at specialty fitness retailers worldwide:  the xR6 with standard electronics ($3,199); the xR6e with deluxe electronics ($3,599), interactive heart rate programs and telemetry; and the xR6ce with deluxe electronics, interactive heart rate programs, telemetry and digital contact heart rate sensors ($3,799).

Octane Fitness Background

Fueled by a relentless passion, Octane Fitness is the market leader in elliptical cross trainers and is committed exclusively to delivering breakthrough, performance cross training—unlike any other fitness equipment manufacturer today. Low-impact, effective cardiovascular equipment is the sole focus of Octane Fitness’ extensive research, development, testing and manufacturing—all ultimately to benefit exercisers with superior quality products; innovative, effective workouts and unparalleled personalized service.