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Benefits of Stretching

七月 13, 2018

benefits of stretchingAs workout popularity has surged around HIIT and strength training, flexibility work may be getting overlooked. While stretching may not be the most exciting part of exercise, it definitely is important. Just like cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, flexibility is a key component of fitness – and it will gradually deteriorate as you age if neglected. Stretching helps improve elasticity in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which can improve mobility and range of motion and alleviate tightness, soreness or kinks. When you exercise, the muscles repeatedly contract and shorten; by lengthening them through stretching, you help preserve muscular health. Plus, in a world where many of us are too sedentary, stretching stimulates circulation to muscles and simply feels good. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends stretching the major muscle groups at least two times a week for approximately 60 seconds per exercise. However, because misinformation still surrounds flexibility, here we set the record straight with what to know about stretching and the benefits of stretching. Benefits of Stretching Although studies have had mixed results about the benefits of stretching, it is commonly accepted that greater flexibility may:

  • Improve performance in physical activities and sports
  • Decrease risk of injuries
  • Enable muscles to work more effectively
  • Improve posture and coordination
  • Offer stress relief
 When to Stretch The good news is that you can stretch anytime,


How to Get the Most Out of Elliptical Workouts

七月 10, 2018

How to Get the Most Out of Elliptical WorkoutsIf you are an elliptical user – at home or at the gym – you’ve made a great choice for workouts that are efficient and effective. And while it’s fine to have your favorite workouts, exercisers sometimes get into ruts by automatically repeating the same routine, week after week. Not only can being a creature of habit sap your motivation, but also can diminish your results. Varying workouts leads to better overall conditioning and adherence. So we’ve put together some tips to show you how to get the most out of elliptical workouts. Simple ways to change workouts are to decrease or add time, change resistance levels, adjust your stride length, or pedal backwards. Or change programs. Don’t just hit Quick Start or Manual all the time, but instead take advantage of different pre-programmed workouts. If you are using an Octane Fitness elliptical, you can capitalize on several different choices that will keep you engaged and challenged for maximum ROI. How to Get the Most Out of Elliptical Workouts:

  1. Interval training – Choose Random or Interval workouts for a variety of resistance levels, and you’ll benefit from greater caloric expenditure, superior cardio conditioning and a higher metabolism.