Octane Fitness makes the best home elliptical machines in the world. Just ask anyone who uses one. Its multiple award-winning cross trainers, including traditional standing elliptical machines, recumbent ellipticals and lateral ellipticals, provide several premium choices to meet your needs and achieve results. If you want the best elliptical, choose Octane.



Octane Fitness is known worldwide for making the absolute best elliptical machines. Committed to exceptional innovation, only Octane delivers award-winning cross trainers in the form of standing ellipticals, recumbent ellipticals and lateral machines. In addition to fueling exercisers with the best home ellipticals, Octane is revolutionizing workouts at health clubs globally with unique breakthroughs.



Our mission is to create zero-impact training equipment that customers love and rely on to fuel their lives.





Alternative Fun Classes

十月 18, 2017

Pound ClassesWe all have our favorite workouts that keep us going to the club regularly. But sometimes motivation can drag a bit, and hitting the snooze button becomes a lame substitute for cranking hard on the pedals in your regular Spinning class. You might avoid a potential workout rut by incorporating variety into your workouts, which can spark motivation and keep you at the gym. Today, there are an ongoing slew of alternative fun classes. If you haven’t popped in the group ex studio lately, you might be surprised at the wide range of sessions gaining fans. You might just want to skip the yoga session this week and take on a new challenge. Worst case scenario — you don’t like it. And best case? You have yet another way to keep you moving and fit. While various classes are being introduced all the time, here we examine some of the more established – but still novel – alternative fun classes. Pound Drumroll, please. This unique class uses lightly weighted drumsticks, called Ripstix, to turn drumming into a total-body cardio and strength workout, the louder the better. You become part of the music in this fun sweat session.


Cross Training on the XT-One

十月 13, 2017

Cross Training on the XT-OneMany of us have our favorite cardio machines that we gravitate toward at the health club. While performing the same exercise beats doing nothing at all, our bodies do better with a variety of workouts. Cross training adds different challenges to keep the muscles and joints working hard for overall better results, helps beat boredom and enhances motivation and adherence. If you are a health club member, you can choose multiple ways to cross train – from swimming, to yoga, to boot camp, to weight training. Some newer machines now facilitate cross training without having to jump to different pieces of equipment. The XT-One cross-trainer from Octane Fitness enables you to cross train on the same machine – for effective total-body workouts that are low-impact and don’t beat up the body. This innovative unit lets you walk, run, hike or climb for customized variety – all on one machine. Adjustable stride length from 20”-28” facilitates natural motion at any pace – from a walk to a jog to a run – whether you’re shorter or taller. You can change strides any time on your own, or activate SmartStride interactive ergonomics, which automatically adjusts the stride length based on your pace.