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How to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

十二月 13, 2017

Reduce Stress During the HolidaysThe onset of the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day brings celebrations, school activities, family gatherings, vacations, shopping, decorating and stress. With all the good that the holiday season encompasses, busy schedules, fatigue and high expectations can overwhelm us, leading to feeling stressed, anxious or even depressed. Although many of the traditions and obligations of the holidays won’t change, there are ways that you can adjust to better manage them so that you stay healthy and can enjoy yourself. You do have to take control and plan ahead, or be flexible enough to handle last-minute changes if necessary, but the holidays need not be a time you dread. Consider the following information and recommendations to determine what will work best for you and provide the relief you need. Then, make these a habit every year so that you’re better equipped for the holidays. Take Inventory Before implementing a bunch of stress-reduction tips, it’s important to know what is causing your feelings so that you can effectively address these issues. First, consider your expectations. At this time of year, many people go all-out, aiming for a perfectly decorated house, a flawless party, gourmet meal or the ideal gift.


Winter Running Tips

十二月 8, 2017

Winter Running TipsDiehard runners are always eager to log miles outside, no matter the weather. But those of us who are a bit shy of being a running addict need a little extra motivation to lace up our shoes and head outside when temperatures are cold and the wind is biting. Depending on where you live, winter running can be somewhat simple to downright challenging. For people who simply don shorts and a T-shirt all year-round for outdoor runs, you can stop reading now. This is for all of us who must endure real winter, with snow and ice and wind chill. It’s not impossible to run outside throughout winter, but it does take extra planning and caution for safety. Especially when cabin fever or the monotony of the treadmill or track set in, a brisk outdoor run can be exhilarating, and a valuable solution for the winter blues. Running outside during this season is unlike any other, so don’t forego this option before trying it a few times. But first, heed these important winter running tips:

  • Always check the weather – This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential, easy to do with your smartphone and can save you a miserable experience once you’re pounding the pavement.