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30-Minute No-Gym Workout


Health clubs are great places to get in shape and be exposed to different workouts, equipment and classes. But sometimes it can be challenging to get to the gym due to life’s many obligations or travel commitments. Rather than just suspend your fitness regimen, take advantage of no-gym workouts at home. These routines are typically simple and don’t require a lot of equipment – just simply some space to move. You can do them indoors or outside depending on the weather and your preference.

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7 Plank Exercises for Amazing Abs



With all the attention paid to core strength and stability – whether you’re an athlete, regular exerciser or rehabilitating from an injury – popular, effective exercises have expanded and changed over time. What hasn’t changed is the quest for beautiful abs – which require a strong core and consistent performance of a variety of exercises that challenge the center of the body. » Read Full Story