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Octane Fitness is known worldwide for making the absolute best elliptical machines. Committed to exceptional innovation, only Octane delivers award-winning cross trainers in the form of standing ellipticals, recumbent ellipticals and lateral machines. In addition to fueling exercisers with the best home ellipticals, Octane is revolutionizing workouts at health clubs globally with unique breakthroughs.



Our mission is to create zero-impact training equipment that customers love and rely on to fuel their lives.




Commercial Fitness Equipment for Consumers

3月 16, 2018

Commercial Fitness Equipment for ConsumersIf you have a home gym – or even just a machine or two – we hope that you are using it. Often. Don’t let fitness equipment gather dust while you binge on Game of Thrones. Stay motivated by scheduling workouts and honoring that time, multitasking (catch up on your DVR programs while working out) and setting specific, reasonable goals. Make sure your workout area is pleasant so that you’ll want to use it. If you have to put the treadmill in the basement, then tidy up your workout area, add some floor lamps, use a fan and have a TV nearby if that keeps you going longer. Open a window when you can, get a carpet remnant and keep workout towels handy. Store all accessories, such as a water bottle, dumbbells, a mat, stability ball, resistance bands and heart rate monitor neatly in your workout area. And consider upgrading your home gym, because good equipment makes a significant difference in workout motivation, adherence and results. Cheap exercise machines typically don’t feel good, can be noisy, malfunction or break down quickly. Obviously, if equipment doesn’t feel natural, move smoothly or remain stable, you’re less likely to use it.


Running in Transitional Weather

3月 12, 2018

Running in Transitional WeatherAs the seasons change, outdoor runners must adjust their apparel to continual temperature and precipitation fluctuations. Heading into spring, many areas of the U.S. typically experience a range of temperatures, sleet or hail, rain, fog and more. If you’re currently enjoying consistently pleasant weather in Florida or wherever, no need to read on. For those of us who have to contend with ongoing changes in the elements, here are some recommendations for enhancing the overall experience of running in transitional weather.

  • Check the weather – Use your phone and check immediately before you get dressed for your run. Note the temperature, wind, real-feel temperature, humidity and chance of precipitation. If you’re headed for a long run, look at the forecast for the next hour or two as well – in some areas, drastic changes can happen rather quickly. It’s always better to be prepared rather than caught off guard. If you’re neurotic like me, sometimes I eyeball two different weather apps, or consult the radio or newspaper. That’s probably overkill, but I live in Chicago where the weather is constantly changing.
  • Wear a good base layer – A light base layer in winter-to-spring temps helps to wick away perspiration and keep you feeling warm and dry.