• Natural motion that replicates walking, jogging or running
  • Dynamic stride length up to 58″ to fit users of all sizes
  • Patented hip and knee joint
  • Intelligence that traces your stride
  • Console displays all essential workout data
  • SmartLink compatible
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity
  • Wireless heart rate (Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Digital contact heart rate
  • Cordless power operation

Smarter Training

Zero-impact running

The Zero Runner cracked the code to replicate real running motion with zero impact. Incorporating the Zero Runner into your training schedule allows you to continue to add the miles but without the impact on your joints.

The pedals are independent so you have free motion and flexibility to create a customized stride to walk, jog or run that feels best to your body. The patented hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner facilitate this custom motion and natural stride – you can replicate exactly what you do outside.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center
Supplemental miles

Instead of simply adding additional miles — get more out of every mile by supplementing your training with the Zero Runner so you stay strong and prevent injuries.

Whether you’re starting an exercise program, running career or an experienced marathoner, you will benefit from the zero impact on your body, ultimately resulting in superior running performance.

Build your endurance, strengthen your muscles and look forward to your next run outside by combining the best of both worlds with the Zero Runner and outdoor running.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center
Cross Training

One of the best ways to stay injury-free during your running or workout program is to cross train. Whether you’re a walker, exerciser, weekend warrior or ultra runner, everyone can benefit from cross training on the Zero Runner to reduce the risk of getting injured.

Cross training varies the stresses to the body so that overall conditioning improves and you strengthen your weak links.

Plus, cross training can decrease the tendency to overtrain by incorporating balance and variety, so you can stay injury free and keep working toward your goal.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center
How to Get Started on the Zero Runner

Olympian Carrie Tollefson demonstrates how to get started on the Zero Runner.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center

Treadmill Comparison

Zero Runner vs. traditional cardio options

The video shows how the stride on the Zero Runner matches the runners stride on a treadmill.

Zero Runner also has a much larger range of motion compared to a traditional elliptical machine.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center
Why You Should Replace Your Treadmill with a Zero Runner

Treadmills don't eliminate joint stress, and each step results in significant pressure on the body. Plus, your form on a treadmill is different than outside because you must adjust due to the moving belt.

The Zero Runner removes the weight on your joints so you can get your walk, jog or run in but without the impact. And, on the Zero Runner, your form is truer to what you do outside.

Stay as strong throughout your workout with the Zero Runner.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center


Smarter Workouts

SmartLink lets you pick your training goals – endurance, strength or active recovery – and develops a customized training regimen.

SmartLink was developed with input from fitness professionals, athletic coaches and physical therapists to stimulate progress and performance. SmartLink even re-calibrates mid-plan if necessary to ensure that you are on track. SmartLink helps you improve your efficiency and strength so you can perform your best!

Download now from the Apple Store

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis); iPhone 5 or later; iPod Touch 5th generation or later

CROSS CiRCUIT with SmartLink

Learn how you can easily integrate strength training, yoga or stretching into your workout routine with the CROSS CiRCUIT program in the SmartLink app.

Download now from the Apple Store

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis); iPhone 5 or later; iPod Touch 5th generation or later

Stride Tracing

To become a better and more efficient runner it's all about the data and now SmartLink offers the stride tracing technology.

Runners can monitor the health of their stride throughout the workout with the Stride Tracing technology in SmartLink. Monitor your stride throughout your run and you'll see right away when your stride changes as fatigue sets in.

SmartLink traces your stride length and heel kick height so you can keep a constant eye on your so you can easily adjust your form and perform stronger.

Download now from the Apple Store

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis); iPhone 5 or later; iPod Touch 5th generation or later

Workout Tracking

SmartLink makes it easy to see and share your progress, as it automatically stores your workouts and preferences and tracks your sweat session details – all in one convenient app!

You can monitor distance, speed, heart rate and more for today’s workout, the past 30 days or since you began using SmartLink – for a quick, comprehensive view of your efforts.

Plus, share your success and stay on track with social media links, available directly through SmartLink.

Download now from the Apple Store

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis); iPhone 5 or later; iPod Touch 5th generation or later

SmartLink Connect IQ

The SmartLink custom app for Garmin® smartwatches now enables runners to track outdoor runs as well as indoor sessions on the Zero Runner, including pace, distance, calories, and more.

Runners now can bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor workouts without losing useful data – enabling them to log miles outside and then on the Zero Runner to minimize excessive repetitive impact.

Visit the Garmin IQ Store to download SmartLink to your Garmin device now!

Compatible with ForeAthlete 920XTJ; Forerunner 920XT; vívoactive


We make it EASY

No more digging around in magazines or online trying to find articles that provide cross training exercises. With the CROSS CiRCUIT program, it’s easier than ever to perform the strength and stretching workouts that you know you should be doing.

With a click of a button in the SmartLink app, try a customized workout based on your exercise or running goal to help you accomplish more faster.

Capitalize on CROSS CiRCUIT to propel your training to new heights.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center
Smarter Training

Doing too much, too soon or too fast can cause an injury, sideline you and delay your training. Incorporating cross training with the Zero Runner has never been easier with the CROSS CiRCUIT program and the SmartLink app.

CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training or stretching exercises next to the machine for the ultimate in effectiveness and efficiency.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center
Holistic Approach to Running

Exclusively running is a thing of the past. Now, smart athletes, including professional marathoners, attest to the power of cross training to improve their race times and recovery.

With CROSS CiRCUIT on the Zero Runner, you can help minimize overuse injuries by strengthening the entire body and incorporating different exercises, such as lateral training, plyometrics, core moves, stretching and upper-body work.

Take on your weaker links and watch your performance soar.

Learn more: Zero Runner Resource Center



CROSS CiRCUIT Powerband Kit

With the CROSS CiRCUIT+ Powerband Kit, you can add even more variety and intensify your CROSS CiRCUIT+ workouts.

CROSS CiRCUIT band kit includes:

  • Extra set of adjustable handles
  • 3 additional sets of Powerbands
    • Yellow – very light resistance
    • Red – medium resistance
    • Blue – heavy resistance


Note: Set of Green Powerbands (light resistance) are included with purchase of Zero Runner and Q Series models with xi consoles

With the CROSS CiRCUIT+ Powerband Kit, you can add even more variety and intensify your CROSS CiRCUIT+ workouts. CROSS CiRCUIT …



Polar Chest Strap

Get more out of your workout when you use a Polar non-coded chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring. Polar chest strap gives real-time readout of heart rate and allows for more accurate calorie burn tracking. Must use Polar non-coded chest strap with Octane Fitness ellipticals.

Adjustable chest strap sizes:

  • Small – 23 to 47 inches
  • Medium – 25 to 54 inches
  • Large – 33 to 63 inches


Note: Wireless heart rate monitoring is only available on xi, ci, ce, and e model consumer consoles, ZR8 and ZR7 Zero Runners and all commercial grade products.

Get more out of your workout when you use a Polar non-coded chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring. Polar chest strap give…



Compare Models

Download a PDF version of the Zero Runner comparison table.

ZR8 ZR7 ZR8000
Key Mechanical Features
User defined running motion
Dynamic stride length 58″ (147cm) 58″ (147cm) 58″ (147cm)
Aluminum Legs
Lightweight pedals
Tablet/reading rack placement option 2 2 1
Performance resistance range
CROSS CiRCUIT attachment points 7 7
Set of CROSS CiRCUIT resistance bands
CROSS CiRCUIT Pro compatible
Pedal spacing 1.4″ (3.5cm) 2.0″ (5.1cm) 1.4″ (3.5cm)
Low step-up height 5.2″ (13.2cm) 5.2″ (13.2cm) 5.2″ (13.2cm)
Rubber non-slip pedals
Rubber non-slip step
Contoured moving handlebars
Performance grips
Water bottle holder 1 1 2
Whisper quiet operation
Transport wheels
Heavy-duty frame
Electronic Features
SmartLink Compatible
Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity
Head up display
Self powered*
Quick Start (Run)
Cool down
Wireless heart rate compatible Polar®, ANT+, and Bluetooth 4.0** Polar®, ANT+, and Bluetooth 4.0** Polar® and ANT+
Digital contact heart rate sensors
Polar heart rate chest strap
Bluetooth 4.0 / ANT+ heart rate chest strap
Number of programs on console 4 4 8
Number of Workouts with SmartLink
Endurance programs
Race training, pace intervals
14 14 8††
Tone up programs
Strength training, targeted muscle groups
12 12 6††
Active recovery programs
Flexbility, Run+, balance
10 10 6††
Product Specifications
Max user weight 300lbs
Footprint – live area (W x L) 38″ x 63″
(97 x 160cm)
38″ x 63″
(97 x 160cm)
43.2” x 69.6″ L
(110 x 176cm)
Product weight 191lbs
Frame Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Parts 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Labor 1 year 1 year 1 year

* ZR8 and ZR7 include 4 AA batteries for console operation / ZR8000 Standard console only
** Requires iPad running SmartLink app
Programs available on ZR8000 Standard console
†† Programs available on ZR8000 Smart console – not compatible with tablet version of SmartLink app



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Average rating:  
 17 reviews
In love

I decided to wait a month before I gave this review because I wanted to see how I really felt. Well, I have had zr7 for over a month and I am in love. I no longer have aches and pains and I am running more consistently now. In the past, I would run and be so stiff the next day. Now I don't have that stiffness. I think this machine is good for all kinds of runners, especially runners who are getting older. I simply love this machine. Love love love! Thx you Octane.

by Brent Hall on Octane Fitness | Home
2hrs per day on the Zero

2 hrs per day on the Zero Runner 5x per week is my new stretch goal! First, no I am not a marathon runner. I was just looking for the best machine to keep my weight down and reduce some of the reoccurring injuries I had been experiencing from running. After having minor surgery on both knees prior, and turning 46, I was on the hunt for a quiet, low impact machine that was effective enough drive my heart rate above 130. After testing out several diferent machines, I knew the Zero Runner was the one for me. If there was a “love" button I would hit it for these features. (1.) So quiet I can run at a full sprint in the room next to my 5 year old son’s with minimal vibration or noise to wake him up. (2.) I don’t feel beat up after a long workout. If I had been on treadmill for 2hrs, I would need to take a long nap, plus might soon start feeling knee, achilles and/or back plan for the next couple of days. I actually feel refreshed with no pain, and ready to tackle the day on the Zero! (3.) Finally, I love that I am dropping weight again. Down 12 lbs with more to go, and I think it is great that I miss this machine when I travel for work, because it such a good workout. Can you get Zero Runners in Marriott Hotels soon please? :) I have finally found the right workout! Thank you Octane Fitness!

by Nicholas Stanko on Octane Fitness | Home
Better Running!!!

The Zero Runner has so many great uses for a runner or former runner. There is a learning curve to using the ZR and this is one of the things that makes it so great. You have to practice to get better at it and you improve your running mechanics and coordination. On the ZR there is zero impact but you can still go through the same range of motion that you would running outside. The ZR does a fantastic job of complementing running. Runners can use it when they are injured to maintain running specific fitness. Healthy runners can use it to improve their running form/mechanics, as a recovery run option, tempo runs based on HR, extended long runs... and the list goes on. Former runners who are no longer able to run due to back pain or other impact related injuries can still get in a "run" on the ZR and feel like they actually went for a run. I have been a competitive runner for over 20 years now and have put my body through a lot. It would have been great to have a ZR earlier in my running career, but I am so thankful to have one now as I have to find other means to maintain my running fitness as I age and can't put in the same mileage when I was younger. The Zero Runner is "feet" down the best advancement running has seen in some time.


“I’m not an athlete by any means nor do I like to exercise, much less run. That all changed when I purchased the Zero Runner! Running, walking or skiing on the Zero Runner feels like I’m floating in the air and the bonus: I’m saving my joints while getting an excellent cardio workout!
The flexibility offered by the amazing engineering in this equipment will allow me to enjoy my fitness regimen for many years to come…priceless. Thank you for sharing your engineering brilliance!
Signed, grateful non-athlete (Betsy)”

Crossfit and ZR

I’ve been using the Zero Runner now for approximately two weeks and wanted to give my perspective on the progress. However, I want to give a little background as to how I’m incorporating it into my training. I’ve been doing Crossfit now for about two years in addition to running on a regular basis. One of the main things I’ve been looking to improve is my endurance/conditioning to improve in the Metcon workouts and I’ve been using HIIT training to help with that. I’ve been doing sprints outdoors regularly, however, with age comes the expected aches and pains in particularly in my knees as I have arthritis to deal with. Doing sprints on pavement doesn’t help with this matter.

As I mentioned, I started using the Zero Runner for the last two weeks. I’ve been able to do HITT training on it by alternating sprints with steady pace running. One of the first things I’ve noticed is how easy it’s been on my knees. I can go at a sprint pace without having to worry about the pain I usually have with my knees while on pavement. I get the same workout, if not more intense, that I did while running off the ZR. In addition, I also noticed that my running form, which admittedly in the past was horrible, significantly improved. Instead of dragging my feet while running I’ve been picking them up with using right form.

I particularly noticed it while doing “Nancy” this week, 5 rounds of running 400M and 15 OH Squats. First my running in each round significantly improved with proper form which the ZR has helped with and secondly my conditioning has improved dramatically. Normally I’d be huffing and puffing by the 3rd round splitting up my OH Squats, but in this case I went through all 5 rounds unbroken, a first for me. As a bonus, squatting without knee sleeves for the first time and I didn’t have any concerns or issues with my knees.

The next two tests came yesterday and today as I did a workout involving rowing and handstand pushups and another benchmark Wod --- “Cindy”. Rowing has always left me gassed to say the least, once again, I didn’t struggle with either the rowing nor the HSPUs doing sets of 10UB which is a first for me in two years. Today I set a new PR for Cindy hitting 21 full rounds improving by 2 rounds from previous all the while going UB on all 3 movements.

My Metcon conditioning has improved significantly in just the two weeks and my next test is Sunday as I’ll do my first long outdoor run in a while as I’m planning to do the Rochester MVP Half Marathon next month and using the ZR as my primary training.

Thank you - Gus

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